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  • Piracy Landscape

    Our global team can help you assess the piracy landscape in a particular country or region. Piracy landscape reports can help you understand supply, demand, and technical profile of piracy in a particular region. Customers use these reports to develop budgets and campaigns for their regional programs.

  • Piracy Impact Assesment

    Our team has been involved with some of the largest projects in the industry to assess the business impact of piracy. We have the executive experience, data scientists, and business analysts to take on special projects for your market segment. If you want to understand the economic impact of piracy for you sector, distribution model, or region, we are here to help.

  • App Store Programs

    EtherCity's platform can monitor app stores worldwide for special cases of infringement. This includes general piracy apps and circumvention apps. We have worked with top trade associations to manage programs around industry level infringement. We support not just the notice and takedown process, but the forensics and investigations that lead to strategic actions as well.

  • Anti-Piracy Supply Chain Intelligence

    Wondering how to use your legal resources? Our team can help you develop intelligence on the supply chain for your market so you can take strategic enforcement action.

  • Anti-Piracy Ground Investigations

    Ether City works regularly with our sister company, LTAHub, and our global legal network to conduct on the ground investigations. These include everything from simple knock-and-talks to full prosecution.

  • P2P Research Projects

    P2P Distribution plays a significant role in piracy, even in today's world of convenient streaming and direct-download sites. Ether City can analyze P2P networks to help you understand the profile of P2P consumers and the underground supply chain that P2P represents.

  • IPTV Set Top Investigations

    Ether City has worked on campaigns to confiscate illegal set top boxes and prosecute the distributors. We have the tools and experience to identify online sources and collect offline evidence at scale.

  • Anti-Piracy Research Projects

    Our researchers have a wide range of experience with custom piracy research projects including: Supply Chain Research, Cyber Investigations Piracy Modalities, and other projects outside the experience of typical vendors.

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