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Ether City's experience in the Film industry runs deep with leadership that has managed regional programs, large scale notice and takedown programs, and legal investigations for the biggest brands in the film business. Our notice and takedown products enforce on links where film piracy is most prominent on Illegal Websites, Search Engines, and Social Media.


Ether City can enforce at scale in today's digital streaming world. Our product can identify content down to the episodic level and deliver back the reporting insights you need to understand today's digital native audience.


Ether City has worked with the top brands in software and apps. Our solution is tailored to the needs of these customers with special coverage of the major mobile app marketplaces, online marketplaces like eBay, and all the typical sources of piracy from Illegal Websites, Search Engines, and Social Media.


Ether City has a soft spot for the gaming industry. Most of our developers are deep gamers. Like software, we have the core capabilities needed for brands in this market. We can monitor not only for illegal downloads, but circumvention, hacks, account sharing, and digital assets.

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